Monday, 28 April 2014

Take Flight of Education

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When India dreams of becoming a powerful nation, she must remember that its energy is vested in its youth and no other source can be better reason for its development and growth. And to tap youth’s energy, it is very important to provide them a good platform for education.

In the recent times, India has emerged as a strong potential market for investments in training and education sector, due to its demographics which favour the youth and also being a services-driven economy, there is wide scope for growth of this sector when it comes to expansion. Small towns are very untouched by good education. One needs to invest on providing good elementary education to small towns which hardly have any idea as to what goes in education at the national level forget international standards. Once the standard is set for education and yardstick defined as to what all needs to be there in it, it will be organized and easy to expand on the sector.

The education sector of India has been categorized into two main segments; the core segment which includes schools and higher education, while the non-core comprises coaching classes, pre-schools and vocational training centres.

United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) also said the country has progressed the most in the world in sending children to schools by implementation of its right to education law and universal elementary education programme, which has helped millions to receive education and thus, bringing a new light to the education scenario in the country. Credit goes to Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, a welfare programme on universalizing elementary education and making education an entitlement by law, which has helped education reach even to the grass root level to every child in the country.

To provide education across wide range of arenas in the country, India initiated a wide range of programmes to achieve the goal of universalizing elementary education through several schemes and programmes which have been introduced over the years like Operation Black Board, Shiksha Karmi Project, Lok Jumbish Programme, Mahila Samakhya, District Primary Education Programme and the latest being Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.
The country shares a common vision at the Centre which will reflect upon the rest of the states help its youth have access to education, especially those who cannot afford it. Bridging of gender and social category gaps in education and enhancement of learning levels of children needs to be the main focus of departing education.
Once we look at the mass media of the country, when it can highlight a lot of youth’s talent in the country then with this widespread network of education in the country, once each and every child starts participating in it, quality primary education to each child will not be a far-fetched dream. And once each child is well aware of his/her rights, Higher education will follow soon. This is the path each child of the nation will carve out for himself. provides many toys like wooden puzzles and educational toys.

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