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The Culture Of Sirmour

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Situated at south eastern corner of state, it is lying in the lower mountain range of Himalayas, named Manak Parbat as its ancient name.  With the passage of time, this princely state has got its capital in different places and at the end of Nahan, by respective ruler Raja Karm Prakash known for various religious spots, there you can find three major walking circuits, villa, the military and hospital rounds.  It is boost of Asia’s biggest Fossil Park on its surrounding. This district attracts tourist from distant part of country, beautiful lake of Renuka,
Highest Peak of Churdhar, famous temple of goddess Bala Sundry  and ultimate Paonta Sahib Gurudwara  are some big attraction that  enhances its popularity. It also conducts several religious fairs and cultural festivals; each one has their own significance, add weight age to the culture of region, besides commercial value. Here are some of them
Vyas Fair: Each year it is celebrated in the memory of Vyas Rishi near the remains of ruined town, just before festival of Holi. Wrestling matches pick the eyes of people; arrive here from various places to pay their offering to Lord Shiva and Vyas Rishi.
Gandhi Fair: This fair at Amboa at the plain of Bhangani reminds us great work of our father of nation, Mahatma Gandhi. 
Salona: Also known as Raksha Bandhan, this day people usually pray to their deities after changing their sacred threads.
Maghi Festivals: It is famous among the local as Bhuri
Diwali, this is the time for the people residing in the remote area of district, totally spend in feasting and merry-making.
Haryali Festival: Originated due to greenish environment in surrounding due to rainy season, this is the time when songs and fun go together.
Vishu Festival: Mainly famous for its art of Archery and Thoda dance, besides feasting, drinking and general dancing in several part of hill region, this also come along with Baisakhi celebration in the plain.


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