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Chamba Culture and Festivals

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Got its existence in AD 920 as princely state capital by Raja Sahil Verma, it derives its introduction as town after his daughter Champvati. Situated on the bank of river Ravi, the famous town carry all big occasion on its Chugan, Big Greenish Ground, and famous Minjar Fair is held every year in the month of august. Khajjair, Mini Switzerland of India is the best spot for tourist to visit besides several other historical monuments and temples.
Minjar festivals: One among the big festivals of Himachal, actually a harvesting festival, last for seven days. Local people pray to god of rain for good cultivation.
The Great Processions: Decorated horses and colourful banners are taken through the street by Gaddis and Gujjars and all the god and goddess are brought out in the Chogan.
Sui mela: A special fair, where only ladies and children’s are allowed to enter in the premise of local deity of Sui. This fair lasts for 15 days in the month of Chaitra.
Pathroru: A month long festival, celebrated with main objective to worship their land for better production, includes dance, songs and delicious feasting.
Lishoo: In the remote area of Chamba, mostly localities from Chamba and Bharmour, use to celebrate this on the first of Baisakh. A fire is set in the morning as young boys sing and dance around it.

Nawala: Very important in the life of Gaddis, local residing in the upper hill of this district, is the family celebration, involves lot of feasting and merry making in the name of Lord Shiva.


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