Monday, 6 June 2016

Upcoming Five Marketing Trends in Online Marketing

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Upcoming Five Marketing Trends in Online Marketing:

Within the modern period, Web marketing could be the huge application in promoting ones merchandise and providers. Ordinarily these tendencies and the tactics will alter on the time period. Some trends are mention below:
1.  Outbreak of Apps
For mobile friendly websites, Google changed its algorithm in April last. This is the perfect online platform to grab a unique traffic for your Business. Business owner are catching slowly this technique, but now the world is going to adapt on app based concept. Yes, it is also easily use to user based. Now, In 2016 will be a turning point in the adoption of apps by business owners.
2.  New optimization Strategies
Past year ago, most of the online marketing strategies had relied on Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In 2016, almost the business owner will looking to ensure their business details can be easily found on the top of all search engines like as Google, Bing, Yahoo and many more. Accurate content is only the main tool to fight their competitor’s in online marketing.

3. Mobile Continued Dominance over Desktop
Desktop is the main standard form of search from past few years. Earlier this year mobile searches take over desktop searches first time. Google also announced to the world that mobile and desktop traffic was on relatively equal footing and preference.  Starting from 2016, mobile traffic by far the more important with desktop fading into obscurity over the next five years.
4. Increased Advertising Investment
In 2015, online marketing has grown more competitive as compare to offline marketing. Many companies are expecting to spend $10 Billion more on all areas of digital marketing in 2015. Every company should think how they can integrate investment in right way to marketing their products and services.
5.  Increase Social Media Platforms
Social media platform is a big platform to increase your traffic and give vast information about the services and products. Every business owners use this platform to make sure and engage their customers for their products and services. On other hand, social media is easily way to communicate messages from one platform to other platform.

Monday, 9 March 2015

Tools for Brand Promotions

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Brand Promotion refers to awareness of product or brand, generating sales and creating brand loyalty for raising customers. Promotion is also divided in five parts in which include personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing and publicity. In the modern era every new and old businessman wants to brand promotion to their brand and product to increase their sales. Brand promotion is depending how much money to budget for each. Promotion can be done by different ways like as Brand Identity, Online Marketing, Media Planning, Printing & Display, Retail & Visual Merchandise and Brand Activation. With the help of these activities your brand or product will easily spread in the marketing. Yes, it is depend on the way that if “which activity is going to be first”. Here, we are introducing to you step by step every activity is as below:

 1.      Brand Identity:
Brand Identity is a mixture of two words BRAND + IDENTITY. Brand is usually used in business, marketing and advertising. It is a name, term, design or other feature that describes on seller’s product from those of others. In Brand Identity the services like as Concept creation, Logos, Business Stationery, Broachers, Flyers, posters, Danglers, Product Shoot and Image Procurement.
 2.       Online Marketing:
Online Marketing means cover all marketing through web. It includes Internet Marketing or Web Marketing which aimed to drive traffic to their own website, where the transaction can be completed. There are many ways to spread the brand through online marketing such as Online Video Advertising, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Couponing, External Links and Footnotes. In the modern era Online Marketing helps a lot among all the brand promotion activities because it is very simple to use and easy way to reach the customer.
 3.       Media Planning:
It is generally finding media platforms for a client’s brand or product to use. Media Planning is the best job to achieve the marketing campaign objectives. The tools of Media Planning are as below:
·         Television (TVC, Television Commercial)
·         Radio (AM, FM, XM, Pandora, Spotify)
·         Newspapers
·         Magazines
·         Outdoor Billboards
·         Ambient Experiential
·         Digital Advertising (Mobile and Mobile Applications)
·         Public Transportation
It is the best way to reach the huge amount of public in one time advertisement. It reaches number of individuals to expose the product over a period of time.
 4.       Retail & Visual Merchandise:
In today’s competitive market Retail and Visual Merchandising plays a vital role in the process of sales. It helps to showcase the product in such a manner that maximum visibility and brand awareness is made. Retail & VM is the best tool to advertise your product and brand in the open market.
 5.       Brand Activation:
Brand Activation is the major part to expose your brand and product through Events, Exhibition, Road Shows, Brand Launch Activation, Mall/Residential/Corporate Promotions and Barter Services. This activity is the key factor to create a very good relationship or loyalty between consumers and brands. This advertisement activity is very simple to run and get quick feedback in the terms of Brand Promotion.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Take Flight of Education

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When India dreams of becoming a powerful nation, she must remember that its energy is vested in its youth and no other source can be better reason for its development and growth. And to tap youth’s energy, it is very important to provide them a good platform for education.

In the recent times, India has emerged as a strong potential market for investments in training and education sector, due to its demographics which favour the youth and also being a services-driven economy, there is wide scope for growth of this sector when it comes to expansion. Small towns are very untouched by good education. One needs to invest on providing good elementary education to small towns which hardly have any idea as to what goes in education at the national level forget international standards. Once the standard is set for education and yardstick defined as to what all needs to be there in it, it will be organized and easy to expand on the sector.

The education sector of India has been categorized into two main segments; the core segment which includes schools and higher education, while the non-core comprises coaching classes, pre-schools and vocational training centres.

United Nations’ Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) also said the country has progressed the most in the world in sending children to schools by implementation of its right to education law and universal elementary education programme, which has helped millions to receive education and thus, bringing a new light to the education scenario in the country. Credit goes to Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, a welfare programme on universalizing elementary education and making education an entitlement by law, which has helped education reach even to the grass root level to every child in the country.

To provide education across wide range of arenas in the country, India initiated a wide range of programmes to achieve the goal of universalizing elementary education through several schemes and programmes which have been introduced over the years like Operation Black Board, Shiksha Karmi Project, Lok Jumbish Programme, Mahila Samakhya, District Primary Education Programme and the latest being Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan.
The country shares a common vision at the Centre which will reflect upon the rest of the states help its youth have access to education, especially those who cannot afford it. Bridging of gender and social category gaps in education and enhancement of learning levels of children needs to be the main focus of departing education.
Once we look at the mass media of the country, when it can highlight a lot of youth’s talent in the country then with this widespread network of education in the country, once each and every child starts participating in it, quality primary education to each child will not be a far-fetched dream. And once each child is well aware of his/her rights, Higher education will follow soon. This is the path each child of the nation will carve out for himself.
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Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Flights to Bagdogra

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Bagdogra is located in Darjeeling district in the West Bengal, it is a small town. It is covered with the tea gardens with beautiful sites and greenery. It is too far about 93km from Darjeeling and it is the most famous hill station covered with Himalayan Hills. Teesta River is flowing outside the town and rafting on that river is very popular. Bagdogra are well-known for his old rich culture and tradition. There are several festivals are held in the Sagar Dwip near Makar Sankranti like as The Gangasagar Mela, Kenduli Mela, Vasanta Utsav, Jalpesh Mela and much more. The hotels of Bagdogra are very cheapest and comforts with modern amenities, you can arrival in Bagdogra hotels in any time of the day. Marina’s Motel and Orbit Hotel Bagdogra are one of the best hotels in Bagdogra.  Visitors can visit this town in any time of the year because the weather is cool and pleasant.
There are two networks connect the Bagdogra like as Railway network and international airport. Civil Aerodrome Bagdogra (IXB) is the international Airport located in the Bagdogra near Siliguri (19km). This Airport is connected with Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Guwahati. You can hire taxi from outside the airport and reached the other destinations like as Darjeeling, kurseong, Mirik and Kalimpong were known from the Hill Station.
Many flights have arrived to Bagdogra airport such as Air India, Druk Air, GoAir, Jet Airways and Spice Jet.  The Bagdogra Airport provides all day and night international services. It is the best cheapest route to reach Bagdogra town. The services of these flights are to be good comparison to other transport. As below mention the timetable of the flights to Bagdogra:
Fares in Rs.
Jet Airways
Jet Airways
Jet Airways
Air India
SpiceJet Airlines

Bagdogra has many beautiful sites and every year many visitors can visit this town. The airlines are the best way to reached Bagdogra. You can get some special discount in advance booking. You can book tickets online with our websites yatra coupon codes and yatra discount codes.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Chamba Culture and Festivals

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Got its existence in AD 920 as princely state capital by Raja Sahil Verma, it derives its introduction as town after his daughter Champvati. Situated on the bank of river Ravi, the famous town carry all big occasion on its Chugan, Big Greenish Ground, and famous Minjar Fair is held every year in the month of august. Khajjair, Mini Switzerland of India is the best spot for tourist to visit besides several other historical monuments and temples.
Minjar festivals: One among the big festivals of Himachal, actually a harvesting festival, last for seven days. Local people pray to god of rain for good cultivation.
The Great Processions: Decorated horses and colourful banners are taken through the street by Gaddis and Gujjars and all the god and goddess are brought out in the Chogan.
Sui mela: A special fair, where only ladies and children’s are allowed to enter in the premise of local deity of Sui. This fair lasts for 15 days in the month of Chaitra.
Pathroru: A month long festival, celebrated with main objective to worship their land for better production, includes dance, songs and delicious feasting.
Lishoo: In the remote area of Chamba, mostly localities from Chamba and Bharmour, use to celebrate this on the first of Baisakh. A fire is set in the morning as young boys sing and dance around it.

Nawala: Very important in the life of Gaddis, local residing in the upper hill of this district, is the family celebration, involves lot of feasting and merry making in the name of Lord Shiva.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

The Fairs and Festivals of Bilaspur

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Situated on the south east side of Satluj river, new town of Bilaspur, the first planned  hill town of the country is situated at an height of 670 meter above sea level . Being one of the hottest place, it also offer pleasant evening environment. Famous Bhakra Dam on Gobind Sagar Lake “An Artificial Lake” is constructed here. Famous Naina Devi temple, one among the biggest Shaktipheet in India attracts hundred of thousand of devotees from each corner of country.
Nalwari Fair: A state fair, famous for Bullock trade is a held every year in the month of March.  The idea of conducting this fair was given by W. Goldstein.
Gugga Fair: This is commemorating to remember famous victory of Hindu Rajput prince over his enemies. People have a faith that worship of Gugga saves them from the danger of snakes.
Baisakhi Fair: This is mostly celebrated in the plain of Northern India and since it was earlier the part of Punjab, so can see this also in local. Held at Markand Jukhala, famous for its natural spring, mostly married people used to come here for bath in sacred water.
Shahtlai Fair:  A very famous among the devotees, attract lot of crowd due to Baba Balak Nath Shrine, last for one month.
Basant Panchami : This welcome spring season and kids used to fly kites  on this day with great fun. People prefer to wear dresses, mainly yellow in colour, cook yellow rice and other sweets.
Chet: In plain area of Himachal Pradesh state, this holds special importance, as this is the beginning of first month of the Lunar year, considered to bring happiness and prosperity.
Janam Ashtami : As we all know this is the day to worship Lord Krishna. Long hours worship in the Krishna temples, religious songs and dance is all about to get close to that LORD.

Sair: This is another local festival, in which people worship their local deity for prosperous future. Generally worshipping is done with the help of barber and all offering is thrown in the R
iver or Khad flowing nearby.